Find Local Food

With so much interest generated in food, farm to table, farming, and cooking, it has become even easier to find locally grown food in or near our communities.  And, by people we may even know. Here in Hawaii, we are fortunate to have mild seasonality and it’s fairly easy to find locally grown produce all year long! 

There are several ways to you can support our local farmers just by increasing the amount of locally grown food that you’re eating.  The following is a list of farmers’ markets, Community Support Agriculture (CSA) and delivery service options, applications for your mobile device and restaurants that can help you ramp up your locally grown food consumption!


Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets featuring fresh, locally grown produce are popping up across the state and now available in most neighborhoods.  With so many choices, make sure the farmers’ market you choose features local farms and locally grown produce.  Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation Farmers’ Markets are among the most reputable and ensures that all products are grown and made with local produce and farmers are food safety certified.



Community Supported Agriculture And Delivery Services

Community Supported Agriculture, also known as CSAs, is a subscription program that brings fresh produce right to your door.  Different programs have different options with weekly and bi-weekly delivery options.  Each bag or box of produce contains a “surprise” of different items depending on seasonality and availability.  Discover new fruits and veggies through our Local Inside CSA, with weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions starting at $25 per bag. 




More than 20 years ago, the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement brought 12 local chefs together to promote Hawaii as a food destination and also help develop an agricultural network so that chefs and restaurants would have access to locally grown produce.  Today, there are hundreds of restaurants that choose to buy from and support our local farmers, ranchers and fishermen.  The following is a listing of Localicious Hawaii restaurants that are committed to buying local. Localicious Hawaii